Typical Industrial Sewing Machines

Working with canvas, shade cloths, rugs or leather goods requires a bit more grunt or specialty than your average domestic or low end commercial sewing machines.

Singer 132K6Many people think about the Singer 132K6 as an obvious choice.  This industrial sewing machine is used by many professional upholsterers, sailmarkers and saddlers.

With speeds of 1200spm and a generous 13mm stitch length it's more than capable of most jobs from personal, domestic to commerical applications.


typical industrial sewing machine However, Singer aren't the only player in the market and more and more professionals are turning to the Typical brand for affordable yet reliable performance.  

Typical Sewing Machine are manufactured in China's Jiangsu province to the highest standards.  Formed in 1982, they currently have over 600 employees making top class sewing machines.

As with base model Singer machines, you may find that you need to replace the standard bench that comes with these machines.  Ideally you want a solid wooden bench that is big enough for a canvas and sturdy enough so that it doesn't move around during operation.  Cashman Brother Direct have invaluable experience with Typical machines and have developed an excellent bench to house the sewing machine.

Ian and his team, based in Brisbane, can supply, install and maintain your machine so you can be sure it is operating to it's true potential

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